Mission & Vision


To equip churches and organizations with the competence and confidence to welcome others as Christ welcomes us.

Our Anchors

Theology of Unity in Diversity

Extending communion to every nation, tribe, people, and language, seeking the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace across every dividing line. 

Leadership Development

Cultivating leadership capacity through self-awareness, mentoring, and training.

Cross-Cultural Competence

Equipping churches and organizations to minister across lines of difference through cultural empathy and mutual understanding.


We have witnessed an ever-growing desire among ministry leaders, churches, and Christian organizations for practical training on how to lead their congregations toward an intentionally multi-racial and multi-ethnic future. In our vision, Christian leaders formed for cross-cultural mission are gracious and capable guides with pastoral wisdom and theological depth. ICCM seeks to assist organizations and leaders who have embraced a biblical vision for diversity by identifying the ways in which people are shepherded toward healthy cross-cultural living and ministry. This includes discipleship through teaching, training, and mentoring, and researching matters pertaining to justice and reconciliation ministries.

Our Approach


A continuous professional development plan that is applicable to each participant's unique context and community.

Learner-Centered Training

Participant-directed, experiential learning that incorporates active, problem-based, and task-oriented approaches to engage adults in meaningful content discovery.

Research Initiatives

Programmatic elements and techniques implemented as a result of consulting scholarly sources.