A Cohort to Help You Welcome All Cultures

A professional development program to help you learn the theological imperative for cross-cultural ministry, develop intercultural competence, and grow in effective leadership skills so you can train peers and others.

Have You Ever Struggled to

Minister Across Lines of Difference?

Is your church primarily made up of one ethnic group?

Are you burdened by an inability to minister cross-culturally?

Are you uncomfortable when speaking with others from different cultures?

Would you like to help others become effective cross-cultural ministers?

Are burdened by the racial and cultural divide in churches?

Has your church been unsuccessful at past attempts to minister cross-culturally?

Learn to Minister Effectively in Cross-Cultural Settings


Articulate and Apply Theological Imperatives

Learn how to communicate and implement theological imperative for cross-cultural ministry and living in your ministry context.


Demonstrate Intercultural Competence

Develop appropriate communication skills and behavior that will help you be effective in intercultural situations.


Lead Confidently in Multicultural Settings

Lead sensitively, effectively, and professionally in diverse settings, regardless of age and lifestyle preferences.

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“The immersive nature of the Cohort Experience’s Face-to-Face weekends forced me to deal with issues that I would have unconsciously avoided.  Both the Face-to-Face weekends coupled with the mentoring relationship makes for an experiential education that I pray produces gospel transformation in me for a lifetime of cross-cultural ministry.”

- Beta Cohort Participant

ICCM Cohort Core Elements

Trainees are expected to take an active role in their professional development and spiritual growth. Below you'll find some of the required elements.

Individualized Learner Plan

A personalized set of learning objectives and actions designed for and by each cohort member

Online Modules

Online content based on monthly themes with monthly sets of homework or collaborative tasks.


Projects that trainee designs and engages with during the first half of the cohort experience.

Mentor Meetings

ICCM will assign trainees a mentor. Trainees may propose a mentor he/she knows for ICCM approval.

Face-to Face Trainings

Every 6 months the ICCM will host F2F training in Washington, DC.


The trainee presents an in-depth account of their learning and its application as well as an implementable plan for the future.

...and more.

What makes the ICCM Cohort Unique?

The Cohort Experience at The Institute for Cross Cultural Mission (ICCM) is a longitudinal, three-year, collaborative, professional development program that is learner-driven and community-based.

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“I've been stretched and changed in the best ways by this program. The teaching on culture helps me to realize how my dominant-culture church might feel to those from another culture. The teaching on race helps me see how this human concept has unjustly twisted God's vision for a unified, beautiful human family. And I'm traveling down deeply personal roads to explore my own heritage. Through it all, my mentor loves and guides me, and the ICCM family supports me with truth and hope. I'm so excited to bring this back to my church.”

- Beta Cohort Participant

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