Listen, Sign, Act: #StopAsianHate

ICCM exists to equip churches and organizations with the competence and confidence to welcome others as Christ welcomes us. We want to join Jesus in the embrace of deep, authentic, cross-cultural life and love. Amidst ongoing anti-Asian hate, we stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian American program facilitators, cohort members, and training participants, along with Asians and Asian Americans across the country. We stand in solidarity against Anti-Asian hatred, violence, and marginalization, and for the freedom, joy, and flourishing of our brothers and sisters. 

We want to provide you with the opportunity to join us in this solidarity. We invite you to LISTEN, SIGN, and ACT.

  • Listen to the call for solidarity from Asian American Faith Leaders – watch here.
  • Sign on to the Asian American Christian Collaborative Statement on Ongoing Anti-Asian Hate – read and sign here.
  • Act, using the list of action-items in the #AACCStatement to guide you.
  • Finally, consider attending an upcoming conversation between Rev. Abraham Cho and Pastor Jordan L. Rice on Asian-Black Racism next Wednesday, April 7 at 8pm – register here.

In the words of Dr. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt, an ICCM cohort facilitator: “Sometimes we believe that dignity is a pie to be divvied up among us. We worry that if we grant dignity to one group’s suffering or accounting of history then there is less available for us. But this is foolish. We make God small when the reverse should be the case. For, after all, if Jesus is coming back to make all the sad things untrue, then the more sad things we know, the bigger Jesus must be to undo them. The cracks are already there. Calling out the brokenness does not diminish Jesus’s power. It magnifies it.”

We are calling out the brokenness, magnifying Jesus’ power for the work of loving embrace, and asking you to join us in pursuing the flourishing of His body as you honor Asian and Asian American brothers and sisters – for God’s glory and our good.