A Statement on Anti-Black Violence, Righteous Anger, and Gospel Hope

We lament the unjust killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many others. This deeply painful moment – when our attention is once again drawn to the long-standing injustice against Black people in America – has resulted in widespread unrest and joins a legacy of righteous protest. Though we are particularly saddened where there is violence and further loss of life, we do not distance ourselves from or remain unaffected by these uprisings. Jesus himself entered into the darkness and violence of our world to be the light of our world. We follow him into this pain as a Black-led, multiracial, ecumenical organization committed to equipping current and future Christian leaders for cross-cultural ministry. Our organizational anchors are a robust theology of unity in diversity, intercultural competence, and leadership development. All three of these core values oblige us to act when confronted with the concerns that burden and unjustly oppress any community. Anti-Black violence – at the hands of the state and at the hands of vigilantes – is as old as our country. So is the resistance to this evil. It will not be eradicated in brief moments of cultural upheaval or a sudden awakening, though these certainly serve as catalysts for the life-long journey necessary for faithfully bearing witness to God’s righteous and equitable kingdom. If you have worked with us, you know we emphasize long-term commitment for a reason. It is our prayer that in this moment when the alarm is sounding, when voices are rising and our very streets crying out, that more of God’s people – more churches and Christian organizations – will truly commit themselves to the lifelong labor of God’s beautiful community than ever before. There is a joy to possess in this moment: that in the pursuit of beautiful community, no matter how difficult, we are participating in the beautiful plan and purpose of our beautiful God. To Him be glory and majesty and power, both now and forevermore.

In Christ,

The ICCM Team